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places Edith Stein visited: places with artistical connections to Edith Stein:
Bad Bergzabern Bad Bergzabern
baptism church of Edith Stein Edith-Stein-Memorial (ESGD Mitteilungen April 2014)
Frankenthal Lambrecht
Kaiserslautern Edith-Stein-Memorial
Ludwigshafen Landau
Maikammer Edith-Stein-Square
Schifferstadt Schifferstadt
Patron saint for Rectory (Die Rheinpfalz - Nr. 292) Edith-Stein-Statue, St.-Jakobus-Church
Patron saint for Rectory (Tagblatt - 03.12.2013)
Schweix Newly designed way of the cross in the bishopric's chapel
       (ESGD Mitteilungen März 2017)
Images of the church and the manse

Speyer Edith-Stein-Church
  Edith-Stein-Guidances (German, English, French)      
Booklet "Traces of Edith Stein in Speyer" (French)
Edith-Stein-Association Germany
Bishops Adress (Dr. Anton Schlembach, 1998)
  Traces of Edith Stein in Speyer      
Edith Stein at the Dominican nuns from St. Magdalena
Prohibition of Edith Stein literature in the cathedral's pavilion