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Gewählte Sprache: Update: 31 Dec 2020 Impressum & Haftungsausschluss
1891 12 October Born in Breslau
1911 High school graduation ("Abitur") with honors from the Victoriaschule
Studies in philosophy, psychology, history and German at the Universities of Breslau and Göttingen
1915 Volunteer Red Cross service at the military infirmary for infectious diseases in Mährisch-Weisskirchen
1916 Ph.D completed at the University of Freiburg under Edmund Husserl
1918-1922 Private academic work
Between 1918 and 1932 four failed attempts to promote to professor status at a German university
1922 01 January
02 January
02 February
Baptism at St. Martin’s Church in Bergzabern
First Holy Communion at St. Martin’s Church in Bergzabern
Confirmation in the chapel of the Bishop’s residence in Speyer
1923-1931 Teacher at the girl's high school of the Dominican convent of St. Magdalena in Speyer
1932-1933 Lecturer at the German Institute for Academic Pedagogics in Münster
14 August
Banned from teaching activities by the National Socialists
Entrance in the Cologne Carmel
1934 15 April Clothing ceremony
1938 21 April
31 December
Final vows
Relocation to the Carmel in Echt/Holland
1942 02 August
07 August
09 August

Arrested by the Gestapo and interned at the central detention camp Westerbork (liturgical day of memorial)
Deportation to Auschwitz, last encounter at the Schifferstadt train station
Death in the gas chamber

1987 01 May Beatification by Pope John Paul II in Cologne
1998 11 October Canonization by Pope John Paul II in Rome
1999 01 October Named a patron of Europe by Pope John Paul II